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Magic truffles have another name 'Sclerotia', and they possess the psychedelic compound, 'psilocybin'. In that respect, they are identical to mushroom fruiting bodies appearing above the ground. Truffles grow underground and exist mainly as a food reserve that one can utilize in harsh conditions. Truffles are highly potent as their counterparts; thus, selling magic truffles in the UK online is common. You may be thinking. Like truffles counterparts, 'magic mushrooms,' various truffles species carry different levels of psilocybin. Some truffles can even take the users to a thoroughly exciting spiritual experience, and it's not surprising considering truffles containing a powerful hallucinogen. 'Buy-Magic-Mushrooms' will highly encourage you to buy magic truffles in the UK, as they are amazing mushrooms to experience.

The Different Kinds of Magic Truffles

The potency of magic truffles is contingent on the species consumed and their dosage. Distinct kinds of truffles have different levels of psilocybin. It's significant to know: Which truffle will offer you a relaxed feeling, and which truffle will toss you into a psychedelic journey? After learning about truffle species, you will not resist yourself to buy magic truffles online. Let's dip into the pieces of information about various truffle species:

  1. Hollandia: It's one of the most robust truffle species, and its name has stemmed from its origin, Holland, a nation having a long-lasting relationship with shrooms and truffles.

  1. Tampanensis: This magic truffle can trigger thoughts and a pensive state. For the same reason, these magic truffles also have a name, 'Philosopher's Stones’. Tampanensis got discovered in 1977 by Dr. Steven Pollock, who located it in Tampa, Florida. Now, you know how this species got its name. In 1978, the famous mycologist Paul Stamets knew about growing magic truffles, Tampanensis.

  1. Pajaritos: It's a truffle that is native to the regions of South America. It is a belief that Aztecs and Mayans used this variety during spiritual rituals. It's not an intense magic truffle; for the same reason, this one is for novice smokers. Consuming this truffle can give rise to happy feelings and a social state of mind, and Pajaritos gets best consumed with the friends to enhance surroundings during hiking, around the campfire, and looking into the flames.

  1. Mexicana: The most well-known magic truffle species is Mexicana, and Mexicana is native to South America. Presumably, it's the mildest truffle species, and it provides a warm, vague, and funny experience. The users should consume Mexicana with caution, and they shouldn't underestimate it.

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The Effects of Psilocybin Truffles

The effects of magic truffles (psilocybin truffles) vary among individuals to individuals. Individuals with a lower body-weight should consume their lower dosage and vice versa. It's crucial to pay special attention to your surroundings to experience the most favourable outcome while enjoying the magic truffles trip.

If someone in your gathering where you may have a mental health condition, we advise you that you should stop that person from consuming truffles. Why are we telling you this? Because we care for the whole of humanity around us in the UK. It's also advised to you to have a trusted trip setter available throughout the experience.

How Should You Consume Magic Truffles?

You can best consume magic truffles if your stomach is empty so that you can absorb the psilocybin and avoid excessive vomiting if nausea comes forth. You can consume them differently, like eating them as raw or consuming them as a topping on pizza. Another method of usage is to brew truffle tea. Tea will take around fifteen minutes to kick in and last for approximately four hours; truffles tea also prevents the digestive system from having to collapse and will introduce the psilocybin directly to the gut lining. The novice truffle consumers should not begin with any more than 3.5 grams (g) per cup of tea. The veterans can consume 15 g per cup of tea. Any dose beyond that is a 'dare-devil'. It would help if you started with a low dosage to avoid a bad trip.

Can You Consume Magic Truffles Every Day?

It's suggested you don't consume truffles daily. Some users will even say that there's no need. The spiritual and therapeutic effects of truffles last for long, eradicating the need to take truffles frequently. Moreover, if you take the right dosage of truffles day after day, the impact will not last for long. Thus, it's best to consume truffles as a microdose regimen. It will also help you control your nerves. There are also benefits of consuming the small dose of truffles, including the ameliorated cognition and creativity. It will also do not pose any psychedelic side effects as threats to you. A standard starting dosage is around 0.1 g in a powdered capsule. You can still consume more if you have been taking the dosage of truffles for a long time.

Where Can You Buy Magic Truffles in the UK?

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