What are magic truffles?

Magic Truffles are a 'by product' of This Wellknown Magic Mushrooms And contain only like shrooms the psychoactive compounds psilocybin and psilocin. The official name for the Magic Truffle is "sclerotium"(plural: "sclerotia").

On the place where mushrooms grow there is a whole network of mycelium. This mycelium can be a mold with a snowy, stringy structure. Under the right conditions the mycelium will make the dishes grow. The mushrooms are actually the fruit of this mycelium. Some Magic Mush Room breeds produce within this mycelium Magic Truffles. All these Magic Truffles are a streamlined mass of hardened mycelium where the food and water becomes stored and will be used when growing conditions aren't optimal.

On our ground there are approximately 200 different kind of mushrooms that Just a handful of these shrooms are able to create the Magic Truffles.

After reaping, Magic Truffles comprise about 50%-70% water. Later Repairing the Magic Truffles you will only have roughly 30 percent to 50% of their weight reduction. This is different per breed along with how a truffles are consumed ( in comparisons: freshly harvested mushrooms exists out of 90% water).

Magic Truffles seem a bit like the "ordinary" truffle That's well Known at the culinary world. The flavor of all Magic Truffles is frequently portrayed like a Walnut flavor.

The effects of Magic Truffle will be the same as Shrooms. There aren't Lots of people who are aware of the existence of Magic Truffles. When the Shrooms were prohibited in 2008 at Holland, the legislation had been corrected so that ( Luckily) that the Magic Truffles didn't fall under this new law. Because of The ban on Shrooms, the smartshops in Holland zeroed in on the earnings of Magic Truffles. As a Result of This, the Magic Truffles have witnessed an increase in Earnings and are more popular than ever.

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